Computing & the Arts senior at Yale, creative technologist, and writer in radical pursuit of worlding & systems.

Chia (they/them) is currently based in New Haven, from Manila. This website is a showcase of process (design, dev, & writing) and the half-baked. They're shy, but would love to meet you—drop an email or schedule a call.

They're also having fun with lore, the internet (its histories & cultures), music journalism, and making terrible audio recordings.

Seeking full-time opportunities starting Summer 2022. Let's talk?

Some Work

Chia's Blog

In high school, I wrote a novel over winter break. In 2021, I'm writing 25,000 words a week. If all things work out, I hope to have a million words out by the end of the year.


Partial everything, selected and recovered. Experiments and a larger collection of work across writing, games, visual play, newsletters, subcommunities, and other things I have created.

I also have a newsletter I send out once a year or so.