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Inspired by CSS' (Coombs, Schwulst, and Seu) practice of 'Multidimensional Citation'








Bianca Aguilar

Keith Leonardo

(I've never met a better programmer)

Alannah Mitra


Rosa McElheny

For teaching me at Yale's 'Interactive Design and the Internet' class, and letting me guest lecture 2 years later. For advising my thesis and listening to me complain about Javascript

Laurel Schwulst

For enduring work on the poetic potential of the web and elucidating a constant sense of tenderness, an endless citation

Justin Berry

For seeing me as an artist as soon as my first semester of college

Manuel Miranda

For advising

Kristoffer Tjalve

For believing in me and speaking it

Dorothy Santos

For patiently advising me during my fellowship with the Processing Foundation, and being another Filipino in the space

Kaloyan Kolev

When you love me too

Kevin Chen

Darwin Do

Raffael Davila


Katherine Yang

Lucas Gelfond

Dri Chiu Tattersfield

Jackie Liu

Toby Shorin

John Palmer




Evan Kirkiles

Waki Badz

For being an inspiring artist and joining me for KAKAKOMPYUTER MO YAN

Elijah Tim Pareño

For enduring work on the Flying Lugaw, and joining me for KAKAKOMPYUTER MO YAN

Jake Chvatal

Jingying (Jean) Wang

Gladys Regalado

Clara Balaguer

Kristian Henson

Manila Community Radio

Czyka Tumalian

Lisa Garcia

Mac Andre Arboleda

Alice Yuan Zhang

For instructing me during SFPC's Solidarity Infrastructures 2023 (along with Mark and Max), and for reading/practice on infrastructures and intergenerational technologies

Mark Anthony Hernandez

For instructing me during SFPC's Solidarity Infrastructures 2023 (along with Alice and Max)

Max Fowler

For instructing me during SFPC's Solidarity Infrastructures 2023 (along with Alice and Mark)

Max Neely-Cohen

For having me for the second issue of the HTML Review

Shelby Wilson

For having me for the second issue of the HTML Review

Qianqian Ye

Juli Sombat

For mentoring me during my Spotify internship

Dana de la Vega

For mentoring me during my time at Kumu

Jam Pilarca

For mentoring me during my first-ever internship at Edukasyon when I was a high schooler (and being so real)

Works of Heart

Nikki Solinap

For mentoring me during my Works of Heart internship

Bhavik Singh

Christopher Clary

Amalia Soto (Molly Soda)

Maya Man

Yi Zhen

Julie Choo

Miaoye 阙苗烨

Todd Anderson

For having me for WordHack

yifan he

Mike Tully

Madeline Jae Seto

Elaine (moong!rl)

Matthew Dowdy (candle object)

Charles Broskoski

Grant Smith ( / Soundcamp)

Tiger Dingsun

Libby Marrs

Chloe Arnold

Max Bittker

Michael Pestel

For your beautiful, lifelong practice as an avianartist & one of the best mornings of my life

Nicholas Serrambana

For New Haven noise

Herdimas Anggara

Sidney Hirschman

Betty Wang

For your time as a TA and after

Michelle Lim

Aidan Quinlan

Elliott Cost

Butterfree (The Cave of Dragonflies)


For /dump and Nested, especially

Porpentine Charity Heartscape

Jake Elliott

For 'A House in California', my most inspiring game

Will Toledo (Car Seat Headrest)

Stephen Lavelle (Increpare)

Katherine Frazer

Nate Smith (~vilmibm)

Adam Le Doux

Everest Pipkin

Brin Žvan

Mindy Seu

Nichole Shinn

Sami Cronk

Sharon Park

Paul Soulellis

Victor Boullet

For the Sound of Downloading Makes Me Want To Upload

Mario Santamaría

Taulant Sulko

Andrew C.S.

Jade Sayson

lilien rosarian

Claire Rousay

Maria Moles

Nads (savedhistory)

Joee Mejias

Victoria Shen

Taja Cheek (L'Rain)

Lucy Liyou

Tala Gil

Diego Mapa (Eggboy)


Ana Roxanne

Brian Crabtree & Kelli Cain (Monome)


Izzy Bareiro (Stud1nt)

Will Toledo (Car Seat Headrest)

Annea Lockwood

Roy Andersson

Lav Diaz

Pauline Oliveros


Elise Ofilada

My favorite Filipino poet

March Abuayan-Llanes

Frank Bidart

Nick Montfort

Stephanie Strickland

Norman Dubie

Frank Stanford

Jenny Zhang

Conchitina Cruz

Buckminster Fuller

Ursula Le Guin

Ursula Franklin

Jonas Downey

Marcin Wichary

Willy Wu

Michael Feldstein

Oscar Dumlao

Clouds (Actual)
Clouds (Computing)

Sound, memory, decay

Unforgiving Filipino weather that taught me extremes

That I will lose the little I have

That all we have is each other

That how I'll be carried is up to you

Thank you for being

Thank you for reading