Introduction Working to expand the Filipino creator economy with Kumu since Oct 2020 as a Product Design Intern. Previously on the Strategy and Play teams, now focusing on Growth, Rewards, and Community. Here's a selection of projects I tackled.

Impact Kumu is a household name in the Philippines serving 1M+ Filipinos in the nation and diaspora. I helped design key decks for our Series B raise. As an (earlier) designer, I also helped establish processes and rituals as our team grew from 4 silo'd designers to 15.


Timeline & Team June 2021 (part-time). Sole designer working with 1 PM and external engineering team.

Impact Shipped for Kumu's anniversary in early October to 100K+ streamers. Introducing new creative tooling for streamers.

Released for Kumu's anniversary, I was the sole designer working on our first venture into 'in-stream' games. These miniature experiences range from tools (e.g. the Spinwheel can function as a randomizer or raffle tool) to multiplayer experiences. Other games that have yet to be shipped are quiz/polls, drawing, pictionary, etc.

I particularly enjoyed playing around with microinteractions for delight, thinking about expansive use cases that this could take on product-wise, intentionally designing tools for on-the-go streamers, all while thinking heavily about cultural norms and contexts.

Short Video Coming Soon

Along with our core livestreaming product, Kumu also has short video reels (like TikTok). We conceptualized short video reels as a way of discovering new streamers and getting a taste of content, but needed a way to link short video with streams.

I designed a feature to clip short videos from ongoing streams (for both hosts and viewers); think Twitch Clips. I also revisited our editor, stickers, ability to 'tip' hosts, and more.

Progression & Leveling Systems Coming Soon

If you'd like to learn more, do contact me.